"You have brought dozens of wonderful shows to the Polo Club in the last several years, but with the 3 Tenors and a Diva you have raised the bar to a new level. We had two back top back sold out shows and the comments went from sensational, to fantastic and beyond. Thank you for bringing these gifted and talented performers to our membership."

The Polo Club

"My wife and I chair Horizon Presents at Horizon Village in North Fort Myers Florida. We do 3 shows each year (Jan, Feb, Mar), booked through William Clair Entertainment. On February 10, 2013 we had our second show of the season, featuring Karen Rontowski with John Timpanelli.

Karen is a stand-up comic, who had everyone laughing, got the audience involved and just did a great routine. I got to spend some time with her before the show, and is a great lady. I would not object to having her back.........

BUT, John Timpanelli really stole the show. His comic routines had me laughing until I was in tears. His singing impression were spot on, and for the couple of songs he really got serious about (like If I Were A Rich Man) proved he has a fantastic voice with great range. I think if he just did an all singing show I would not be disappointed.

The real test is my audience. The people of Horizon hate repeats (Didn't we just have them 4 years ago???), yet many people came up to me after the show and said bring John back. Well, I hope they get their wish, as right now I am working to book shows for the 2014 season, and I an planning on having John back for 90 minutes in March. I can't wait."

Roger Zurell

"The Dozers gave a fabulous show. These fellows combined outstanding musicianship, both instrumentally and vocally. They have uncanny ability to capture the essence of those to whom they pay tribute, especially Frankie Vali and the Beach Boys. I expected the scratchy record thing to be hokey, but it was brilliant. I love do-wop, and enjoyed Rama, Lama Ding Dong, as that is the clip we used as background for our radio promo. I’m especially impressed with the group having three outstanding falsetto singers. . The Dozers put a smile on my face from beginning to end. For me their concert was in the top five percent of any we have had. The audience received them enthusiastically. We were about 75% full, but sold over 50 single tickets, which is quite good for us. I got the text, and believe it was from a couple of single ticket holders from Dowling Park Advent Christian Village who were bouncing in their seats and waving their hands throughout the concert."

Dave Murdock

"Hi Guys, Unbelievable! That’s all I can say about your concert last night. Well, no, I can also add fantastic, awesome, incredible, fun...well, you get the picture. We have been going to the Lake City concerts for the past five years and I can honestly say your performance was the best in all the years we have attended. I would have liked you to play on and on into the night. Believe me we will be sure to catch any performances that we can, including the one at the Villages. Thank you for a wonderful evening of music, memories and plain fun!"

Lake City Concerts

"Hi Kelly. I did not hear one negative thing about Earl's show today. A number of folks said "your best show ever", and being that this is my 8th season, that's a high compliment. Everyone was exhausted after watching him perform for 90 minutes straight. Please convey my thanks to Earl for doing such a great job and pulling the audience into his performance. I hope to see him back here, maybe about three years for now!"

Judy Schings

"I, Camelle Sonsini, am the Recreational Director at Bay Indies, Venice, FL. I am writing on the behalf of the recent show we had here at Bay Indies, brought to us by William Clare, Johnny Rogers "Buddy & Beyond" Show. It was FANTASTIC, an absolute 10! Our residents here are still talking about it!
Johnny walked the crowds before the show and was very personable. It really made the audience connect with him prior to his performance. He joked and played with the residents and even called them out on stage which caused the audience to uproar in laughter.
Buddy Holly came alive that evening in Venice, FL, thanks to Johnny. He even shared personal experiences with Buddy's family and friends. He even shared trivia about the rock-n-roll era, which was also a hit! Johnny's talents are not just in his stage presence. He sings like a pro and plays the guitar like a true legend!
I would recommend to any venue Johnny Rogers and his "Buddy & Beyond Show" it truly was an amazing night of entertainment had by all."

Bay Indies

"Last night’s show was a huge success. I have never had 500 people dancing at Woodland Hall – during a sit-down show that is! Hats off to Sounds of Soul! I highly recommend this humble group to other resorts. Please pass this on to your colleagues at William Clare."

Sun-N-Fun Resort and Campground

"I am going out of town tomorrow but I had to tell you the Sounds of Soul show was incredible! At first I wasn't sure with no band and no costume changes and I was getting nervous that it was just going to go on and on. Boy was I wrong! It was a killer show, thank you so very much for making me trust you and for making me look great. I had to tell you that. Hugs and thanks so very much. You're the best and as always your integrity and honesty with me means the world to me."

Abby C. Koffler

The Sounds of Soul were fantastic!!!! We had the largest attendance in the auditorium since we opened. They had the audience standing for several songs and even dancing in the aisles! I have had many, many people thanking me for having them. They stayed out in the lobby for a half hour talking to lingering guests and sold out of CDs! Do I need to say more?"

Valencia Lakes

"An amazing show, right down to the choreography. Audience members were dancing in the aisles. Sounds of Soul truly defines the Motown sound and Soul Music of the era. Patrons were asking to buy tickets to see them again right after the show, had to rebook them that night."

Richard D. Haerther