"Just wanted to say thank you for another great show. 7 Bridges were fantastic!"

Randi Long, Indian Creek Resort

"Peace of Woodstock show was awesome! Really had the crowd going. We're getting a lot of great feedback in the community Facebook page."

Mike Seldin, Heritage Hills

"All I can say is WOW!  The shows by the Jersey Tenors were TERRIFIC!!!! They were professional, friendly, easy going. This group is going places!  Many of my members would like to see them back next year.  Thanks so much!"

Patti Yost, Timber Pines Director of Member Services

"The Tribute to Rod Stewart Show starring Rob Caudill was fantastic! He is a great performer and the audience LOVED it! Will definitely book him again in the future."

Jessica Staller, PHCC

"2 thumbs up!!! The Authentics were fantastic! Lots of good comments. Wasn't sure how the old timers ( 80s and up) would take it, but everyone really seemed to enjoy it. I enjoyed them at the showcase last year, but the show exceeded my expectations. We had a full house, very close to a sellout. Talking to Shawn after the Show, they really enjoyed our venue and the audience. They were great after the show talking with people also."

Roger Zurell, Horizon Village

"Dixie, OMG everyone loved the Divas Through The Decades Show!!! Great job by the girls. High energy and great performance!"

Joan Martinek, Venice Isles Estates

"It should come as no surprise to any of  you that everyone who attended The Diamonds Show was ecstatic with their performance.  I heard several times that they should be asked back next month.  Ron and John called them truely professional performers.  Thank you for a great, great show."

Charles "Candy" Candrilli, Colony Cove

"The Sounds of Soul were spectacular! The dance floor was loaded from the time they began until they ended, with very few of the over 200 people ( an almost full house for us) leaving during the evening. It doesn't get much better than that! Many people, including my committee, came up to me all evening telling me that we had to book them again. I had that thought almost from the beginning. I have dates for next year so lets talk. Thanks for making this event happen!"

Tom Alizio, Village Royale On The Green

"Omg! Harry was fabulous!!!! Best show ever!!!  Everyone loved him. Sooooo entertaining and the crowd loved his comedy. Loved the crowd involvement too. Will have to have him back in a couple years. He asked me to pass the compliments on to Jerry too. Can you do that? He and his wife were wonderful to work with too. Very personable. Thanks so much!"    

Christine Fusco, Riverside

"I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your efficiency and communication during the storm.  As the show is never as important as safety and security of all, it will be a wonderful release for our residents tonight. So glad they can come. Your service this weekend is why I am grateful for my relationship with William Clare Entertainment!"



Patti Yost, Timber Pines Director of Member Services