Lou Gazzara

At just 17, Lou was chosen over 70,000 hopefuls to become one of the youngest contestants ever to make it into the televised finals of music phenomenon “American Idol.” After the success of American Idol, Lou was asked to join the silver screen with veteran star James Brolin and 90210 star Annalynn McCord in the independent film Bad Girl Island.


For Lou, however, music remained his biggest passion. Over the las ten years Lou has been performing professionally with his own album recordings and concert tours, and has been the feature of many production shows from Legends In Concert to his most recent 3 year run with Vegas! The Show. Lou was nominated all three years by Broadway World for his heartfelt tribute and interpretation of the most memorable musical works of stars such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Wayne Newton, Tom Jones, and Elton John. Now set out on his most currenty venture, “Timeline,” Lou uses the chameleon-like qualities of his vast vocal range to emulate and bring to life music of all genres, including jazz, big band, blues and soul, rock spanning all sounds and genres, and even today’s current pop vocal sounds. Lou doesn’t just sing a bunch of different songs, however. He actually sings them the way they are supposed to sound, and very few artists share in the atttention to detail, tone, phonetics. Lou uses one voice, shaped and molded in every which way, to take the audience on a musical journey through the biggest hits eveyone remembers and is dying to hear with authenticity and respect to the artists and their music. “Performing is my passion. When a performer hits the stage they have two options: to just sing a song, or to pour their emotion to the crowd. I prefer the latter, because even if they don’t like the song, there’s still the possibility they will like you.” Lou Gazzara.

Lou Gazzaro