Vincent Talarico

The critics have named him “one of most versatile and hard working performers of our time”. Vincent’s scope of talent is rare and unmatched in this day and age. There
simply is no other performer of his caliber. He sings ALL genres of music, dances, tells jokes, stories, performs impressions and yes even plays the drums.”


Vincent moves people with love, passion, sincerity and deep emotion through his stage presence and his versatile voice. His outgoing, down to earth and honest personality is infectious and connects with any demographic. He engages and interacts with all of his audiences also utilizing audience participation. He has studied voice since the age of 9 from many classical, operatic and pop teachers throughout his career but for the past 15 years he studies from internationally acclaimed Broadway voice teacher Mr. Jim Lynn at the Voice Analysis Clinic in New York City and continues to study from him today and credits him he alone for all of his success and technique.        

Vincent sings in six languages and his vocal range of material range is second to none. He majored in acting in college and among his many roles he played the lead role of Nathan Detroit in “Guys and Dolls”, Lenny in “Up the Down Staircase” and was the lead in an off Broadway musical entitled “Attitudes” in New York City.   

Vincents repertoire includes Italian classics, and the music of Barry Manilow, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Motown, Country, Music from Grease and Jersey Boys, Phantom of the Opera, Frank Sinatra, Luciano Pavarotti, and Andrea Bocelli, Classic Rock and R&B repertoires as well ……..and a whole lot more. 
Vincent has been performing as a “Super Star Entertainer” in the main theatres on Princess Cruise Line and other cruise lines for the past 11 years.

Vincent has been singing professionally since the age of 9. He has worked with the opening act for Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Jackie Mason, Rodney Dangerfield, The Smothers Brothers, Buddy Hackett, Pat Cooper, Richard Belzer, Paul Riser and many more. He has recorded on the CBS and Arista labels.


Vincent Talarico