Paul Morocco, Guillermo de Endaya and Marcial Heredia perform together in one of the most zany, unpredictable and spectacular shows in the world. It’s a wonderful celebration of music and comedy, full of surreal invention and fun. Olé has all the exhilarating sounds from the rhythms of flamenco to salsa, swing, blues, jazz and pop. 3 Latin machos, full of fire, fight for their pride while playing, spinning and throwing their Spanish guitars. They take the audience on a journey ending in a Grande Fiesta!!! Ole has been featured at Just for Laughs, Edinburgh Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, Adelaide Comedy Festival, and the Montreux Comedy Festival, to name just a few. “Not only are these amigos brilliant comedians and mind-boggling tricksters, they are consummate musicians... simply mind-blowing!”- The Adelaide Advertiser , Australia “Totally dotty. If you haven’t seen them before, go! If you have, go again!” - The Independent , UK “An unlikely combination, but one which works hilariously well... If you imagine a circus fronted by a madman in the depths of Andalucia - you get the idea.”- Evening News , Edinburgh “Olé makes the marriage between frenetic slapstick and classical guitar seem natural.”- The Montreal Gazette “A real treat, funny, unpredictable and spectacular!”- Daily Telegraph