Jimmy Mazz

When it's up to you to book the entertainment and deliver that jaw dropping wow factor, singer and entertainer Jimmy Mazz is sure to drive home a dynamic performance. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Jimmy truly understands how to entertain an audience. His classic Vegas appearance, variety of musical selections, and rich, elegant voice, combined with musical impressions, witty comedy, and audience interaction is all part of the larger-than-life experience Jimmy consistently delivers to audiences around the globe.


Through a contemporary-style variety show, backed by a versatile 11-piece "Mazz Orchestra", Jimmy uses amusing trivia, humor, and charisma as he performs the hits of artists such as The Rat Pack, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Louis Armstrong, Billy Joel, Lee Greenwood, and dozens more. Whether performing at a corporate engagement, an elegant dinner theater, the Promenade Deck of a cruise ship, or in the foyer of a big city hotel, Jimmy's crooning will command any audience and commemorate the evening with class, elegance, enthusiasm, and charm. "When covering famous musicians, I never try to force the impersonation, just portray the artists the way I see and hear them. The sound of the original artist always seems to shine through naturally," said Mazz.

A singer, dancer, comic, impressionist, multi-instrumentalist, and song writer Jimmy's services are in constant demand year round. Jimmy is an event planner's dream with his professional easy going manner off stage and his over the top energy on stage.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Jimmy began singing at the age of fourteen. Over the next 20-years he acted as lead singer for various rock and club bands, performing everything from cover songs to original tunes. In 1993, Jimmy joined his first wedding band, which changed his perspective on music, and helped him to truly understand entertainment. Says Mazz, "This was a huge change for me, wearing a ponytail and charming screaming girls, to the father of the bride yelling at me to 'turn it down'. I learned more about music, singing, entertaining, charming audiences, and myself as an artist and performer, than I had learned in the previous 20 years".

In 2004, Jimmy developed and marketed a series of eight unique one-man tribute acts and quickly found himself performing over three-hundred shows per year...sometimes as many as three shows per day. With his mind set on building the ultimate show, Jimmy began developing "Jimmy Mazz Live" in 2010.

"I love what I'm doing today, performing and entertaining full time for audiences all over the world, and the best part is that I can be myself on the stage. Every show is a Jimmy Maz original. It is never the same show twice," stated Mazz.

Jimmy Mazz