Duets In Concert

Chuck Perry and Diane DeNoble, have teamed up to create and produce a self-contained music and comedy show as a tribute to the fabulous Duos and their Duets of the past several decades. Both veteran entertainers have performed individually for many years on Broadway, in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, on Disney, Princess, Norwegian, Holland America and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and with Sandals Resorts around the Caribbean. As can be seen in their new demo, the chemistry between Chuck and Diane is energizing and memorable. All of the great musical duos of the past are back!! Sonny and Cher, Barry Manilow and Bette Midler, Frank and Liza, Captain and Tenielle, Steve and Eydie, Elton and Kiki...in the form of a brand new stage act appropriately called ‘Duets in Concert’. Two veteran entertainers with over 50 years of combined entertainment experience have joined forces to recreate some of the greatest duets of the past couple generations. Chuck Perry, an incredibly talented pianist, has already spread a lifetime of entertainment around the world with his smooth velvet tone and incredible fingers on the keyboard, and Diane DeNoble, the vivacious and multitalented entertainer of stage and screen, has the talent and personality that creates waves of excitement and enjoyment through every audience. These two entertainers have extensive individual resumes. Chuck Perry has performed extended engagements at Sandals Resort in Turks & Caicos Island, annual runs with NCLA Cruises in Hawaii, as well as with Norwegian Cruise Lines, including the Spirit out of New Orleans and recently entertained crowds while sailing through Alaska out of Seattle, and the Baja coast out of San Francisco - - always performing his own arrangements and musical interpretations from Frank Sinatra and all the beautiful standards of the day, to Barry Manilow, Elton John, Billy Joel and all the party dance music you can take! According to Chuck, “This show is about remembering the songs that got us through the times of our lives, and celebrating the amazing artists who gave them to us. Songs that live through the ages which makes it even more exciting for us to perform them, as audiences from 18 - 80 all enjoy this tremendous catalogue of music. And we have a LOT of fun!” Some performers choose one path and wait to see where it takes them, but Diane DeNoble explores it all...singer, dancer, actress, model, stunt woman, and public speaker. She has appeared on national television shows, including ‘The Rosie O'Donnell Show’, ‘As The World Turns’, and the ‘Guiding Light’, and off Broadway including the New York production of Tony 'n Tina's Wedding and in her own One-Woman cabaret. Her performance experience also includes on screen work as a stunt woman in motion pictures such as Stuart Little 2, Uptown Girls and Swimfan. She has traveled the globe the last 5 years as bandleader and singer of the acclaimed showband "On the Roxx". And her thoughts about the new show? "Who doesn't like to look back at the fun songs and duos we remember from years gone by! Sonny and Cher was my favorite show as a kid and I just love recreating that dynamic for audiences who remember it too!!" The chemistry of these two veterans on stage and their mutual respect makes their show authentic, replicating the qualities of the past duos they pay tribute to. "I'm very proud of this show, not only for the amazing music we're able to share from these performers we've enjoyed over the years, but there's not another person on the planet I'd do it with other than Diane DeNoble...” It’s mutual. “I'm so fortunate to have found such a wonderful talent in my partner and friend Chuck Perry-- he brings his awesome talent and his amazingly fun personality to everything he does.”