Rocket Man

This show is an exact re-enactment of an early Elton John concert. Rus Anderson has spent years perfecting the piano playing, vocals, and mannerisms of Elton John and has traveled the world over and literally has thousands of performances to his credit. This insanely energetic tribute is endorsed by the official Elton John Fan Club!


The Rocket Man Show is the USA’s #1 full time 70’s and 80’s Elton John Tribute and sets the standard for world class entertainment. The show is an exact re-enactment of an early Elton John concert, featuring gorgeous, exact replica costumes, 100% live instrumentation, faster tempos, 4 part harmonies, and a faux grand piano. It is an intense, sincere, and magical musical journey with NO cheese and NO cheap party store disco shirts! Audiences laugh, cry, sing, and dance. Described as a “WONDERFUL SHOW” by Mary Mitchell of The Elton John Aids Foundation, The Rocket Man show gives an insanely energetic performance time after time, throwing around cool jams such as “The Bitch Is Back” and “Pinball Wizard”, before sending audiences exploding into space with extended instrumental versions of “Rocket Man”, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, and “Levon”. With literally thousands of performances to their credit, The Rocket Man Show has performed in a myriad of venues all over the world. The Rocket Man Band actually portray Elton John’s intense 70’s and 80’s concerts down to the final detail, leaving the audience thrilled and totally exhausted!

Rus Anderson is The Rocketman