The Nowhere Band

The Nowhere Band is a Florida-based band utilizing vintage, historically accurate equipment to flawlessly recreate the Beatles' most iconic performances.  Setting them apart from the competition is their eye for detail and obsession with accuracy. Featuring not only the stellar performers profiled below, The Nowhere Band casts a spotlight on history, their shows star a menagerie of museum quality instruments: over twenty guitars, seven drum sets, a '69 Fender Rhodes, a '69 Hammond C-3, a '68 Fender Bassman, a Vox T100,  Fender Twins, and Vox Ac30's. What this exhaustive collection means for the fan is a stunningly accurate live recreation of the Beatles' final rooftop performance over Apple Studios (a feet the band reenacted 50 years later with all requisite instruments and set lists), a painstakingly researched set dedicated to the Beatles' February 9th, 1964 Sullivan Show performance-- complete with a fully-costumed Sullivan impersonator-- and another moment in history our band relived with fans, on another Sunday night exactly fifty years later, to the hour.

But where The Nowhere Band truly raises the bar is in their capacity to play songs live The Beatles never were; our shows include real-time performances of studio cuts, a bit of music magic achieved through their keyboard player (putting them in a very select league), who brings all the orchestral effects and musical flourishes to vibrant life. As a result, their roster of material sits at over a hundred songs, a list they are constantly expanding.

With a reputation for sellouts at most venues and cultivating a strong following in the Southeast, The Nowhere Band has seen no personnel changes since its creation; all their performers share a great respect for one another and look forward to every chance they have to perform the greatest music every written.