Latraia Savage

Explosive, alluring, electrifying, sultry and sassy are all words used to describe “Tampa Bay’s own Diva of the music and entertainment biz”. LaTraia Savage is a vocalist well known for covering a wide variety of genres including jazz, r&b, country, big band, dance, motown and more. She’s opened shows for several national acts including ALICIA KEYS, CHRIS BROWN, SOS BAND, FRANKY BEVERLY and MAZE, BRIAN CULBERTSON and others.


LaTraia is also well versed in theatre. She’s graced the stage of BUSCH GARDEN’S theme park in the theatrical play called KATONGA where she was the finale act for one and half years. LaTraia ( also known as ‘THE VOICE”) did a two year stretch acting and singing in the off broadway play called THE ME NOBODY KNOWS. During that time she landed two SPRITE COMMERCIALS as well.

For three years she burned the roof off of the YATCH STAR SHIP cruise line nightly with her band and is currently spreading her fire through the Bay Area scene covering Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, Treasure Island Naples…. the list goes on. LaTraia headlined tours entertaining UNITED STATES MILITARY TROOPS in several venues in Europe too. She’s performed in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Rome, and Cicely just to name a few. “The goddess of music and entertainment” was the feature in the February issue of MAYHEM MAGAZINE (2012).  Let’s not forget about her charity appearances. NY Yankee’s Stadium got a chance to hear her do the National Anthem as well when she opened a baseball game in 2009. She’s sang the National Anthem to kick off the Breats Cancer Walk-a-thon for two years and is currently working on a fundraiser for Tay-Sachs diasease.

Within the last year “The Voice” has started touring doing her TINA TURNER Review, MICHAEL JACKSON Tribute, and WHITNEY HOUSTON Tribute shows.  LaTraia is definitely “ON FIRE”
which is the title of the single from her first album. She’s also well known for her voice over work, vocal training, and studio session work. LaTraia Savage is undeniably everything you need from an entertainer. To hear her sing is truly an experience. To see her perform is simply amazing.

To hear her sing and watch her perform is absolutely magnificent.


LaTraia Savage