The Beatle Maniacs

Imagine what it would be like if The Beatles were performing today’s music scene in modern concert halls and theatres? The Beatle Maniacs turn imagination into a reality, bringing the sounds of the “fab four” to life on a fully produced stage show! Spectacular visual lighting effects accompany video/multi-media and costume changes as The Beatle Maniacs span the musical library and history of The Beatles in full regalia. Masterpiece songs that The Beatles never performed live are brought to life without compromising any of the original musical compositions. All guitar and vocal effects are re-produced and authentically performed for total live impact. Every note, all the unique chord inversions, every vocal harmony, every innovative drum lick are performed precisely as originally recorded by The Beatles. Comedic dialogue and quotes from press conferences and hit movies are re-enacted on stage, delivered in the style, energy and excitement of a true live rock & roll experience. It all comes together in a performance for all ages and all fans of rock ‘n’ roll!