Every band has a unique story. Growing up, MPiRE co-creator Meredith Walker’s love of music was influenced by her father. He gave her the very first Sony Walkman. Born in 1971, a look through her massive music collection will leave you with a sense of variety.

After moving to Orlando, Florida, her professional singing career blossomed. Sharing the stage with some of the best bands in central Florida - entertaining for many of America’s Fortune 500 companies.  She loves what she does, which is apparent from her open and engaging style on stage.

When the time felt right, Meredith reached out to her favorite musicians. The idea was to put together a band that could compete on a national level. An extremely talented and versatile rhythm section combined with a powerful horn section – and a bunch of great singers.

MPiRE was born. A group of (9) people that share the common bond of having found their passion – making a living with their talent. It’s a band that has great chemistry on stage and knows how to use the Power of Great Music to engage their clients and energize the party.

Meredith’s dream came true and the story goes on…