Johnny was great! Members absolutely loved his show, I’ve been getting nonstop accolades since. Not only was the show great, he really played the room before and after his set, spending a lot of time with the members. I would not only recommend him to others, but will find time to book a return engagement next year.

Thanks again, Gerry, everyone we have booked through you has been top notch!

Palmaire Country Club

"Each and everyone of the people we deal with at William Clare are fabulous: kind, understanding, efficient and helpful! The best to all of you and your families in this New Year!"

Barbara Johnston

"The members really enjoyed the Rocketman show with almost 300 attending. Rus and his band were professional and entertaining and had the crowd on their feet through most of the show. I look forward to working with you in the future."

General Manager

"The Sounds of Soul were wonderful!  They are true professionals and great performers.  The crowds and the client loved them!  We moved them to the Grand Court for all of their performances!"

Janet Allen, Mary Kenealy Events

I want to thank you for one of the absolute BEST Comedians we have ever had here.  Troy Thirdgill was FABULOUS this past Saturday night and our audience loved him.  In the past 10 years, we have had 5 TERRIFIC Comedians (including Troy this past Saturday) and believe me, we’ve had a lot of comedians come thru this Clubhouse.

I always stand in back of the room and watch audience reaction to our performers.  When we have a comic on stage and our residents are doubled over in laughter most of the entire time, I am ecstatic.  This past Saturday night was one of those perfect evenings. Diane DeNoble was adorable and thanks to Kelly at your office, her musical selections were exactly what our audiences loved.


Barbara Johnston, Vizcaya

"I just wanted you to know what an amazing show we had Saturday night. Daniel blew the audience away with his magnificent voice and to complete the picture, his looks aren't so bad either. He has a great personality and was very appreciative of the wonderful response from the audience and he was given TWO standing ovations. The accolades we received were so gratifying and what a good choice we made for his appearance at Majestic Isles. We certainly will plan to have him back."

Majestic Isles

"Just wanted to let you know the Rocketman show was great. What a nice group of young people to work with. And, even when our fire alarm went off due to their water smoke, & it went on & on for 15 minutes at least... Rus just kept playing through it all. What a pianist!!! Thanks! I'd highly recommend them!"

Sun City Center

"You have brought dozens of wonderful shows to the Polo Club in the last several years, but with the 3 Tenors and a Diva you have raised the bar to a new level. We had two back top back sold out shows and the comments went from sensational, to fantastic and beyond. Thank you for bringing these gifted and talented performers to our membership."

The Polo Club

"My wife and I chair Horizon Presents at Horizon Village in North Fort Myers Florida. We do 3 shows each year (Jan, Feb, Mar), booked through William Clair Entertainment. On February 10, 2013 we had our second show of the season, featuring Karen Rontowski with John Timpanelli.

Karen is a stand-up comic, who had everyone laughing, got the audience involved and just did a great routine. I got to spend some time with her before the show, and is a great lady. I would not object to having her back.........

BUT, John Timpanelli really stole the show. His comic routines had me laughing until I was in tears. His singing impression were spot on, and for the couple of songs he really got serious about (like If I Were A Rich Man) proved he has a fantastic voice with great range. I think if he just did an all singing show I would not be disappointed.

The real test is my audience. The people of Horizon hate repeats (Didn't we just have them 4 years ago???), yet many people came up to me after the show and said bring John back. Well, I hope they get their wish, as right now I am working to book shows for the 2014 season, and I an planning on having John back for 90 minutes in March. I can't wait."

Roger Zurell

"The Dozers gave a fabulous show. These fellows combined outstanding musicianship, both instrumentally and vocally. They have uncanny ability to capture the essence of those to whom they pay tribute, especially Frankie Vali and the Beach Boys. I expected the scratchy record thing to be hokey, but it was brilliant. I love do-wop, and enjoyed Rama, Lama Ding Dong, as that is the clip we used as background for our radio promo. I’m especially impressed with the group having three outstanding falsetto singers. . The Dozers put a smile on my face from beginning to end. For me their concert was in the top five percent of any we have had. The audience received them enthusiastically. We were about 75% full, but sold over 50 single tickets, which is quite good for us. I got the text, and believe it was from a couple of single ticket holders from Dowling Park Advent Christian Village who were bouncing in their seats and waving their hands throughout the concert."

Dave Murdock