"Sounds of Soul were amazing, as usual!! Our members said this event was the best they had ever seen at the club. Thank you so much."

Jessica Campese, Catering and Events Manager

The Legend of "Killer Diller" - the CPAG Cat!

"Through the years, CPAG has booked many shows through William Clare Entertainment. The owners and office staff call themselves the CATS at William Clare Entertainment. Their yearly catalog of stars available for shows always has a beautiful picture of a TIGER on its cover and is advertised as "A Sampling of FEROCIOUS Show Offerings."

In early 2000, when Gerry Cachia joined Bill Zisa, who was owner of the agency at the time, Bill put Gerry in charge of marketing. That year all of us who were PROWLING FOR STARS for upcoming shows received at Christmas a beautiful stuffed animal - a TIGER from the CATS at William Clare. Last year, Bill Zisa retired and sold the business to Gerry. Gerry Cachia is the new owner and CEO of William Clare Entertainment.

The Officers of CPAG named their Tiger, "KILLER DILLER", a slang term back in the 60's for something or someone unusual or outstanding. Through the years KILLER DILLER has been in the house at every concert booked through William Clare Entertainment.

Look around ... you'll never know where he might be, bringing you UNLEASHED TALENT AND SPIRIT!!"

Phyllis (Diller) Chiswell

"Savannah Jack totally thrilled the audience here at Valencia Shores and they received numerous standing ovations from the crowd.  Don and the band interacted with the crowd, jumped off stage, danced with residents and even did a spotlight dance with a couple celebrating their anniversary.  This is definitely a band that we will bring back and I am still hearing how wonderful they are months after the performance.  I would HIGHLY recommend that you add them to your show series this coming season."

Pam Poulin

Savannah Jack ... AMAZING SHOW and they, as people, are just as special!

Ivy Ramallo

" I wanted to let you know that the membership really enjoyed Tricia Kelly. Last night our members commented on how much they enjoyed the shows this season. They are looking forward to the shows we have selected for next season."

Social Director

"I just wanted to let you know how great Saturdays show went! They LOVED Lovena!! from 3 standing ovations to an encore they wanted to know why we haven't had her before! So thanks for bringing her and please let her know that she was truly enjoyed here by the residents!!"

Valencia Reserve

Johnny was great! Members absolutely loved his show, I’ve been getting nonstop accolades since. Not only was the show great, he really played the room before and after his set, spending a lot of time with the members. I would not only recommend him to others, but will find time to book a return engagement next year.

Thanks again, Gerry, everyone we have booked through you has been top notch!

Palmaire Country Club

"Each and everyone of the people we deal with at William Clare are fabulous: kind, understanding, efficient and helpful! The best to all of you and your families in this New Year!"

Barbara Johnston

"The members really enjoyed the Rocketman show with almost 300 attending. Rus and his band were professional and entertaining and had the crowd on their feet through most of the show. I look forward to working with you in the future."

General Manager

"The Sounds of Soul were wonderful!  They are true professionals and great performers.  The crowds and the client loved them!  We moved them to the Grand Court for all of their performances!"

Janet Allen, Mary Kenealy Events