"The Sounds of Soul were spectacular! The dance floor was loaded from the time they began until they ended, with very few of the over 200 people ( an almost full house for us) leaving during the evening. It doesn't get much better than that! Many people, including my committee, came up to me all evening telling me that we had to book them again. I had that thought almost from the beginning. I have dates for next year so lets talk. Thanks for making this event happen!"

Tom Alizio, Village Royale On The Green

"Omg! Harry was fabulous!!!! Best show ever!!!  Everyone loved him. Sooooo entertaining and the crowd loved his comedy. Loved the crowd involvement too. Will have to have him back in a couple years. He asked me to pass the compliments on to Jerry too. Can you do that? He and his wife were wonderful to work with too. Very personable. Thanks so much!"    

Christine Fusco, Riverside

"I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your efficiency and communication during the storm.  As the show is never as important as safety and security of all, it will be a wonderful release for our residents tonight. So glad they can come. Your service this weekend is why I am grateful for my relationship with William Clare Entertainment!"



Patti Yost, Timber Pines Director of Member Services

"FYI, last nights performance was the best performance ever ! Emmanuelle Adda and Nolan Dean "nailed it" and the pick-up musicians worked with our sound team to reduce the stage volume which resulted in the audience being extremely happy!"


Bob Wilcox,The Great Outdoors

"The Marlins brought our retirees exactly what they really love. These guys are great! We want them back!"

George Wolf, Hawthorne Concert Series

"Everyone Loved Tony Pace! Great performer and they thought he was hilarious ( Even the staff was cracking up! )"

Shannon Fitzpatrick, Stonebridge

"John Charles was the opener; he was the closer; he was fantastic for the entire 90 minutes and loved by the entire audience."

Lakeridge Greens, Naomi Greenberg

"Married to Broadway was a FANTASTIC Show!!!!! Residents went wild! Thank you!!"

Joanna Alexander, Valencia Reserve

"I have had nothing but great feedback relating to Emmanuelle and Dean. They were absolutely wonderful…  She is so sweet and he is a character…  I would definitely have them back again in the future. Thank you so much for a great pick!!!"

Kelly Columbus

"I just wanted to let you know how fabulous Good Vibrations were last night! They had the residents on their feet dancing and singing all night.  The best was when a 200+ person conga line was dancing around the hall.  As always, Ken was great doing the sound, we love when you have him booked for the shows.  So thank you for another great show!"

Randi Jong