Tyler Bryce

Tyler was born on July 22, 1986 in Orange, CA to a musical family. He began singing before he could talk and during his childhood, would entertain his peers doing voices, making vocal noises, & doing impressions of people. These childhood friends would often suggest he become a stand up comedian, voice-actor, or TV personality. In his adolescent years, he began taking strong interest in creating music. Which caused him to begin developing his talents toward becoming a singer/songwriter, guitarist, and music producer. In 2005 he saw Rich Little perform in Las Vegas & the idea then sparked in him to become a similar type of entertainer performing impressions and comedy but creating an act that also included a heavy dose of music, singing & parodies. While working nights for 8 years as a sound engineer for a stage show (an a’capella group comprising of his father & 5 uncles), he began to develop an act combining comedy, parody, impressions, and his ability to sing. After a number of wildly successful showcase performances in 2014, He now performs as a guest entertainer in the finest showrooms at sea, as well as corporate events! His credits also include Film Acting and TV Commercial Voiceovers. Tyler’s ability to transform generates awe and laughter among audiences of all ages with comedy, singing, and dozens of the most entertaining celebrity impressions you will ever see and hear. Experience a bright, young, talented performer in a high energy variety show that has everyone talking! "TYLER BRYCE" - One Man…Many Voices!