Emmanuelle & Dean

Emmanuelle Dean are Emmanuelle Adda and Nolan Dean. With talents in all fields of entertainment, the combination makes for a fast paced show full of comedy, song, musical talents, dance, ventriloquism, magic and more.


Emmanuelle was born with a love of song, particularly the sultry sounds of the classic jazz icons. She had no doubts from an early age that performing was her calling and enjoys nothing more than seeing smiles on the faces of her audience. With a Filipino/French heritage she was engulfed by the world of entertainment from birth, with her grandmother, Andrea Veneracion being a leading light in Filipino music and of course a touch of French flair from her father Jean Pierre.

Nolan fell in to the entertainment world by accident and now has 15 years experience performing around the world in top hotels and onboard some of the worlds most prestigious cruise lines. His cheeky humor combined with a powerful voice and average looks had him wowing audiences on all four corners of the globe.

Together, they are dynamite. With a unique ability to tailor their shows for any audience they will ensure that the crowd are on their feet calling for more. So strap in, and get ready for the ride…


America's Dynamic Duo - Emmanuelle & Dean