Tony Pace

The man with the voice who just happens to be funny! Dubbed “America’s Best Kept Secret”, Tony’s show incorporates his voice, talent, comedic wit, musicanship, and audience interaction.


The moment Tony Pace steps on stage you feel he's different. There's something about him that keeps you coming back again and again. There's a reason why people say "I need a dose of Tony" or "I need a Tony Pace fix". What makes the difference is who he is and what he can do. He's been compared to Sammy Davis and so many others.
Most likely any show you see with Tony Pace is improved and never scripted. He's been hailed as the man with the voice and believes that the gift he was given must be shared, and what a gift it is. Tony Pace's comedic timing and material has been embraced as hilarious by people like Craig Neier (Owner of Catch a Rising Star) as well
as comedians, Victoria Jackson, Cathy Ladman, Pat Cooper and so many more. Vin Di Bona (Executive Producer, Americas Funniest Videos) told Tony Pace I've never seen anyone with the ability to work an audience like you. Tony Pace is a master at audience involvement. Jack of all trades? not Tony Pace. There's a precision and reason for what he does and each project he takes on. He’s recorded 4 albums, produced 4 self help programs, works with children's organizations and enrichment programs, Tony Pace is a musician, emcee, writer, auctioneer and has even run an independent record label. "It's all I ever wanted to do and I've got the best seat in the house"

What would you call him? Industry leaders have said Tony Pace is "Americas Best Kept Secret" but not for long. The Man with the Voice . . . who just happens to be funny. Tony became a trademark when entertainment critics and buyers attempted to explain what he does. The incorporation of his voice, talent, quick comedic wit, musicianship, and keen sense of audiences makes him the phenomenon you need to experience.

With a background in theater and his current off Broadway production called "Up On The Roof" Tony Pace has experience in most aspects of the industry. His experience takes him through touring with an 8 piece show band in the 80's, performing with 20 piece orchestra to the development of a One Man Show which exploded in the 90's and brings him to Up On The Roof which debuted at the Hilton Atlantic City.

Tony Pace