Monday Monday

Performing legendary songs by that group and other sure-fire hits from the recording-industry legends of folk, pop, and rock surrounding the Woodstock era and the early '70s makes MondayMonday one of the most exciting concert groups available today.
From Florida's West Coast, this premier 7 piece music group features 2nd tenor vocalist/guitarist Michael Taylor-Powers, soprano vocalist Cindy Campione, first tenor vocalist and lead guitarist Ed Woltil and alto/mezzo-soprano vocalist Liz Hollister. They are backed by music scene veterans Peter Grace on bass guitar, Jim Wegener on drums, and Vivian Rose on flute.
This inspiring and crowd-pleasing group brings many years of stage experience and love for the arts to each show.  A visual and listening not-to-be-missed concert experience, MondayMonday is an entertaining group to be enjoyed by music lovers of all ages.